About MMI

      Mind Masters Inc. is a socially inclined export company, which relies on an aggressive satellite production program to bring out the best of the famed Filipino craftsmanship to support its vibrantly optimistic marketing thrust in the European, Japanese and American markets.

Focusing on recycled paper and handmade paper from agricultural waste, its renowned designer converts these items into exciting and unique object-d-arts.

Organized in 1972 by the legendary Ronnie Pasola, the company decided to go global with its paper-made ideas in 1985. Making a colorful splash with batik paper, Mind Masters was three years ahead of the rest of the world in using recycled paper.

Today, more than fifteen years after it's first global splash, the company still soars high with Tes Pasola, the current President and Product Designer, at the helm of affairs. At present, Mind Masters is known as handmade paper's most stylish face. We convert handmade, semi-handmade, recycled and industrial paper into a variety of creations. Over the years these have included boxes, gift packaging, stationery, greeting cards, albums, books, picture frames, pencils, bags, bamboo clips, fishnet with pulp, ribbons, paper buttons, lamps and pulp accessories.

We have made these items such a consistent splash with our buyers that today it is a must for them to come to the Philippines to see the latest exciting pieces of work that our paper artists turn out. How we come up with trendsetters year after year intrigues. One key to unveiling this gnawing secret is exploring the psyche our designer. Back View Tes Pasola's Portfolio